Weezer = Spanked

Rob Mitchum, you got it going on. For those of you who don't care to follow the goings-on at Pitchfork Rob Mitchum writes reviews. Reviews of albums and songs.
Sometimes, a review is just so right you can't even pretend to argue.
Rob has done this here. I can't really explain it better than he can. That's what music journalism is fucking about!


newpolluter said...

are you being sarastic or something? I for one HATE the new singer. apparently their show here last week was 'phoned in'

also: change your pants, they're wet.

newpolluter said...

oh, I meant SINGLE, not singer.

The New-Wave Vandal said...

When I read "singer" I thought that you'd thought that I had meant Winger. (Their new singer blows by the way).
No sarcasm intended - I'd been feeling iffy about Weezer for two albums now. I have yet to hear the new one, but I'm not very hopeful, the new single DOES blow. They're still my boys, but it's like when a friend makes terrible choices... Good thing I don't know anyone like that...

The New-Wave Vandal said...

as in Stinkmitt... (sometimes)

newpolluter said...

hee hee!

seriously, go hang out at stillepost.ca

the reviews section and random weirdness demand your oeuvre.