Putney Swope is a jive cat, man

"He can't walk, he can't talk, he can't sit - he can't do nothing right..."
But at least he's not Mimeo, the german-accented midget president of the United States, who likes to talk about "shooting up" - "Ve vill relax, I've got some grass, iz good shit."
(You might have to watch it to understand what the fuck I'm talking about).


; and ...

I don't use semi-colons - I just rock the dash instead. (Kurt Vonnegut doesn't use the semi-colons either - he calls them "transvestite hermaphrodites" for all the good they do and all the sense they make).
But I am hooked on ellipses. I'm starting methadone so as I can shake the beast that is Ellipsis Addiction.


(don't worry - it won't hurt for long)

Looks like the gorgeousness of the pictures in my last post broke my blog. I'm sure there is a crack team of 18 to 24 nerds working on it right now. The leader is basically the only one who drinks coffee - he's the alpha nerd. The other ones, they mostly stick to Diet Pepsi and Pepsi, and a few really like Mountain Dew (Pepsi Co. has the contract for the vending machines at Blogger's office). One guy, though, drinks Coca-Cola almost exclusively (his grandfather was a collector of Coke memorabilia, especially the Norman Rockwell advertisements) and even wears an old "Coke is it!" t-shirt every couple of weeks. Anyway, I'm sure it will be fixed in a day or two.

Mylee is in Japan! (but this is from the night before she left)

Here are some pictures for you to look at with your eyeballs:Heidi in the car!
Sometimes I look scary (in the car)!
Mylee puts her boots on!
Heidi "crushing" Mylee's eye, with Canada Dry Ginger Ale !
Sara and Mylee (I didn't post any candids, alright?!?)!
I look fat and angry/perturbed!
"Turn your head slightly to the side and smile with an open mouth!"
Bevan and Mylee!
Theatre Kidz and Jazz Hands (modified), directed by H. Malaz. !
Glenn is also going away, but less far away!


Fuck you, internet

Fine, if the internet isn't going to provide me with a picture of my headband, I'll roll up my sleeves and do it myself. I call it "Headband and Depression No.1":
Thanks for helping me be more narcissistic, internet, you stupid jerk.



I feel better after turning my music up really loud.
I'm still going to wear the headband a lot though.

The New Style

From now on, when I'm not sleeping or showering or at a job where I can't do it, I will be wearing a headband. It's a sign of me hating everything. Right now I hate everything. That is what the black headband means. I also couldn't find a picture online, and I hate that. I hate the newer three-stripe logo of Adidas. The original trefoil is a billion times better, idiots. Work, don't even get me started on that. Nobody is on myspace, except some contact called "Zox", and I don't even know where they came from, they just requested me as a friend out of nowhere, but I haven't listened to their music yet because I'm lazy (I hate that about myself) and I hate the fucking echo sound on these goddamn speakers at work. Nothing is happening on stillepost and I can't think of a new topic. I think I'm going to quit work and give up my computer and just sit around my house, looking sad, and wearing a headband that you don't even know what it looks like. That is what I will do from now on. If you want to reach me, leave a message, because I don't even want to pick up the phone. Forget what I said about not wearing the headband in the shower, because I'm giving that up too. No more shaving, no more haircuts, no more movies or books or magazine or shows, just sitting and being mad and hating. Happy March 2006.