Playlists to make for the iPod:

1. Anti Popping and Locking - to include all Anti Pop Consortium, Airborn Audio, Beans, and any cameos by Beans, M. Sayyid, or High Priest. (alternate title: Tron Men Speaking);

2. The Many Masks of DOOM - all MF Doom, King Geedorah, Danger Doom, Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn albums as well as Doom's productions on MF Grimm, M.I.C., and Ghostface records;

3. Montreal vs. Toronto - bands from them two urbane areas;

4. Hottt Shittt - more recent, exciting hip hop stuff (I'm thinking for the first round some Spank Rock, Cadence Weapon, Ghostface Killah...), well maybe not ALL recent, but basically the best hip hop with an emphasis on the new;

5. Untitled Summer Playlist (2006) - I've got to have something in the rock way to balance out all the hip hop.

Cognitive Dissonance

After dropping Heidi off tonight, I was driving down Westminster, and I saw this girl who was all hippied-out (pretty par for the course in the heart of Wolseley, I know), and she pulled out a cellphone to check a number or look at the time or something. I only noticed it because the phone was glowing blue. But something about it seemed so weird. Can't they design a phone that looks a bit more granola? I know cellphones aren't going anywhere as people are too addicted to the convenience and they keep getting cheaper and smaller. But why not make one that, instead of glowing blue glows like the gold Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves find in the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit? That would seem more natural when the light is pouring out of the phone and illuminating the hempen fibres of the owner's clothes as he or she is being told to hurry up and get to Cousin's so they can justify both of the tables their friends grabbed on the faux-patio.


More albums...

Holy shit did I ever buy more albums...picked up the last Hot Chip record, "Coming on Strong" along with Tapes 'n Tapes "The Loon", DJ Spooky's "Subliminal Minded" EP, and Pink Mountaintops' "Axis of Evol", plus I got a copy of They Shoot Horses Don't They?'s (thanks for making me not know how to punctuate your stuff, you BC beard-o's) "Boo Hoo Hoo Boo" after their show at the Albert last week!
So my latest favorite songs are: "Keep Fallin'" by Hot Chip (where they sing about how Stevie Wonder sees things and compare themselves to Gene and Dean Ween and say "Give up all you suckers, we're the tightest motherfuckers and you've never seen this type of shit before" followed by some lyric about smoking crack that I can't make out yet) and "9 Milli Bros." by Ghostface Killah featuring Wu Tang Clan (MF Doom produced it and it uses his beat from the Monster Island Czars track "1, 2...1, 2"). If I was less lazy I'd give you links to those songs. If you've got a problem, grow up!
You know, speaking of Ghostface's album, "Jellyfish" is also super hot!


The Postman Always Posts Twice

(It seems like every time I choose a title for a post I have to think about how many other people have probably chosen the same one. I bet 5 people this time, discounting the 3 mailmen - 2 of them live in California actually - who have it as the headline for their entire blogs)

Wow, after that I don't have much to say.

I got some albums lately - the new Ghostface, Islands, the latest Fannypack, the Editors. Maybe I'll review them for y'all on here some time soon.

Been toying with starting up a t-shirt blog, but after folding some this morning I think I'll hold off for a while.

Saw the new Adicolor shell-toes...meh, alright, but not that great. The camo was the best, in canvas. It's too bad we don't have a couple proper shoe nerd boutiques here. Urban Bakery and Boutique do o-tay, and Kings can usually be counted on to have a couple of options, but still, something is lacking. Maybe I should start up a store that caters to that crowd and gives me an ulcer.


It's that time again!

Time to take a break from the tedium that is re-ripping all my music to the new computer! Let's go see if there is any air in the old tyres (tires)!


Hair Today

Before.And after.
I was going to go all Travis Bickle for Ray and R.Beef but doing the work at the back of the head is tricky mixed bizness. But now I'm like a newly shorn lamb, just in time for Easter (uh oh, does he have some god complex?).