I can't believe I forgot to mention it to anybody...

It's not every day that you see a man riding on a Segway scooter in a back alley!
And I forgot to tell anybody!
It happened three days ago while I was getting gas at the Shell station at Portage and Olive, and the Segway man was coming from the stripmall on the next block. That means he was either doing some drycleaning, buying insurance, eating at Boston Pizza, or maybe picking up a prescription at Shoppers Drugmart. But my money is on either buying tetra-packs of wine at the liquor store, renting video games at Microplay, or looking at the puppies in the window of the pet store that will probably be closing down soon.
This was actually the first time I'd ever seen anyone using one in real life. I'd thought that maybe Ron Howard invented them as a prop for prime time sitcoms that are too good to not get cancelled:


Shit at blogging

I've really been neglecting this blog thing lately, so much so that probably I've lost all 3 regular readers. That's what happens when you really get in to 'splosions (explosions to the layman).


Basically like the Jeffersons is what I mean

I haven't been blogging so much lately as not blogging, and the reason for that is because I moved, but anyone who reads this already knew that because I've also sent you an email about the new contact information and everything, or maybe like Jason you actually helped me move. I'm going out, so I'm not going to give you many details, but here is a picture of one corner of my place with my 3-striped shoulder as I'm leaning out of the way (the picture is in black and white and best viewed on an old Apple IIe with the old green and black monitor, but I'm sure whatever you have will do, and if you don't have a Mac my font won't look as good anyways, so you are already missing out...)