Hotel de la Montagne

Boy oh boy was our hotel in Montreal ever nice. Despite the pain of being reminded that I never go anywhere nice, Hotel de la Montagne was amazing. The bathroom was cavernous - 2 sinks, one of those concave mirrors to magnify one's blemishes, a full-body mirror, a scale, a heat lamp, 1 shower + 1 bath (separate), and the toilet, out of view of the door, had a phone next to it. "Hello, I'm just thinking here, but you gotta sell sell sell!!! Get rid of everything!"
Here is the nightime view of Crescent St. from our balcony:
(I tricked the slow shutter speed + camera shake by holding the camera down on the railing - Mandy would be proud)
The Montreal leg of our trip was so great, so relaxing, and so drunk-getting. Becker and Joanne were gracious enough to let us stay with them for a couple of nights. Their apartment is pretty sweet, but even though it would be a lie to say that you could have two roommates live there if they weren't a couple, or in to watching each other sleep. Here is a picture of their kitchen:We went here:
It's a fucking Montreal institution! It's so nice that we went twice! We also went twice to Saint Viateur Bagel, but I think Heidi has the pictures of that. We also did a lot of this:
So I'd love to move to Montreal. I'll start a charity in order to raise the funds. If you or anyone you know has a couple thousand dollars just kicking around, just gathering dust, and would like to donate it to this cause, please contact me at this blog. Thank you very much.
(We also had $8 pitchers and hung out with Conrad and climb the mountain/hill!)


It's a new regime

Sadly, all the new regime consists of is me trying to organize my insane magazine habit (obsessive-compulsive disorder?) with those faux-woodgrain cardboard magazine holders and putting magazines from the last 3 years in bankers' boxes.
Oh yes, I'm also trying to vary my work-playlist. No more Belle & Sebastian all day long. Right now it's a hip hop playlist w/ "Jive Talk" by Juggaknots.
And I'm also drinking V8 at breakfast. This new habit will probably end today as I drank the last of the bottle. I sure do like V8.
New song - "Riddim Killah" by Rodney P off the Herbal Blend mix courtesy of the Herbaliser.
I promise I'll get some of them pictures on here soon. At least the night view from the balcony of Hotel de la Montagne, because I like the quality of the light.


This is me at Hello Cyber Cafe

For some reason the Alt + whatever is not working and I cannot get the proper E on Cafe. I am at a cyber cafe on Queen St. W. in T.O. and there are far less kids playing some massive multi-player online game here than in the last cyber cafe I was in (this was in Calgary and two years ago as I do not frequent them very much, despite what popular opinion might believe). The trip has been highly radikal. More later.



I am going on a trip for something like 10 days - I haven't counted yet, though I probably should as that would establish the right amount of socks and underwear to pack.
Don't fret - because I am such a lazy blogger it will be like I was never gone. I promise to bring back a picture or two, probably.