just me and rammelzee

DADADADA:Lazers went out with a crowd, and it was really nice. Really nice.


Blood Brothers

Ol' Doc Stephensen said that there was nothing wrong with my pee when they stuck a strip of paper in it and that my hemoglobin level had gone up a little bit as well, and that it was only borderline low before. So I might not be dying! Still not sure what was up with the pissing blood though...


Swan Song

It's all over on Friday (unless we flip the band to a band-by-mail, along with screen-prints-by-mail with each other)! The last DADADADA:Lazers show will be the first of the Last of Winnipeg Things for now. To be honest I'm feeling unmoored (the built-in firefox spell check doesn't know that word btw). And just the other day I heard that both the Royal Albert and the Collective, the two best venues in town, have both been sold - the Collective is destined to become an American Apparel store while hair salon the Vault has purchased the Albert, and I've heard plans to keep it as a venue but also something about condos. Winnipeg, I understand that we'll both change after I leave, but do you really have to beat me over the head with it before I go?



Whirlwind trips, old friends - Toronto and back, the lake and back, Montreal to Ottawa to Montreal and back (fucked up my ankle by walking too much and now I can only wear flip flops like a trashbag dad on vacation). I'm leaving this town in three weeks, which isn't many, and I've mostly got a place in Ottawa. I know how to find the Parliament buildings via a really long, dark stairway from the river, and there are about a million shawarma places in that town, plus some nice crackhead types and other types that look to pick fights on Rideau at night. The plan now is to stop working, spend some time with Winnipeg and the people I'm going to miss like crazy, find a crappy cruiser bike, and move on to start being the weird guy in the film studies classes. Oh, I also had a weird blood test and had to piss in a cup and that might be serious later. I guess we'll just see.