A List

The problem with me is that I like to come up with good ideas about things that I should do but then never get around to doing them. Therefore I will make a list as a short monument to the things which I should do soon:
1. Pick a date for and write rules and invitations for the Society for the Historical Reinactment of Stand-Up Comedy;
2. Write an e-mail about my pants with a hole in them to the head office;
3. Make a mix tape which has side A being original songs and side B being remixes/covers (this will be very tricky as the remixes are rarely if ever the same length);
4. Trim my hair;
5. Find out where I can buy some silkscreen paint;
6. Make the "blood" hand silkscreen template;
7. Take a picture of the special thing I found the other day and post it;
8. Rework the last screenplay;
9. Edit my last History of Film paper and drop it off at school;
10. Find my black notebook;
11. Delete the duplicate songs off iTunes;
12. Make some good playlists.
Alright Ramblers, let's get rambling.


I got things! or "I am a materialist whore"

On Friday I got an iPod in the mail! Yay!
Today I got an iTrip and a dock for an iPod in the mail! Yay!
On Friday I found something super rad at Value Village...but I'm not going to tell you what it is; I will show you in a while after I take its wonderful picture.



Eagerly anticipating the delivery of my iPod, I quickly set about transfering my music library from Windows Media Player to iTunes. Unbeknownst to me I left the transfer speed set at "How Fast Redwood Forests Turn in to Petrified Wood, Which is Still One of Those Things Most of Us Don't Understand". Started: 07:42:56 a.m. 06.09.05 with !!!. As of 16:49:53 p.m. 06.09.05 we were up to Hot Hot Heat. 07:33:06 a.m. 06.10.05 we were getting some Beggar's Banquet action courtesy of some unleathery Stones (the Rolling, now-$400-ticket-and-so-leathery ones). Goddammit it takes so long!
I am also convinced that FedEx hides in the bushes and watches me leave my house. Why? So that they can leave doorknob hangers on my door telling me they had been by to deliver the iPod. TWO DAYS IN A ROW they "attempted delivery" within 7 minutes of me leaving my house!
(also it is important to note that the iPod has been in Winnipeg in the evil clutches of FedEx for as long as it took to travel from SHANGHAI to ANCHORAGE, AK and then to MEMPHIS, TN where I wouldn't be surprised if FedEx loaded it up with rock-country
[blog terminated by admin. due to excessive vomiting brought on by thinking about "rock-country"]


The Society for the Historical Reinactment of Classic Stand-Up Comedy

Heidi and I came up with this idea the other night:
It will be so great you don't even understand. People will choose a comedian and a routine, memorize it (or work from a paper if they have to), get the cadence down, the speed of the delivery, the pauses, the attitude. We'll set up a cabaret-style stage w/ tables, and then get up and deliver the routines! It will be so good! Classic Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, the Unknown Comic, George Burns, Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Paula Poundstone, Carrot Top, Ellen Degeneres... I know some of them would probably suck terribly (I'm looking at you Carrot Top you pumped-up, facelift, 1-800-F-R-E-A-K), but they can still be funny in parody. This is such a hot idea! It's going to be rad! I need to draw up a charter and figure out some logistics as well as a list of possible members, and then start memorizing some Lenny Bruce routines - I get first dibs for coming up with the idea.


I Bought Some Albums at Lunch

Today I bought some albums at lunch. They are: the White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan" and the Go! Team "Thunder, Lightning, Strike".
I was worried, had some trepidation, brethren and sistren, about tha Stripez' new album on account of the Loretta Lynn influence ( + Rene too) on Jack White - it's not like these ladies are bad, in fact they are both very good at what they do, but I'm not so sure that I want what they do influencing how a rock band I like rocks out. Anyhow my fears have been alleviated as the disc sounds very nice indeed - a similar backward-looking aesthetic as with the latest from the Raveonettes, though the two don't really sound alike so much as feel alike.
And the Go! Team, man, lemme tell you about them - I'd read a lot about them sounding like Seasame Street but better, with a lot of Ennio Morricone, and then hip hop. That seems like an apt comparison. It really sounds like Belle & Sebastian locked Fannypack in a closet in the recording studio while they took breaks from making the happier part of the Storytelling soundtrack to make a demo to send to Damon Albarn in order to audition for the next Gorrillaz album (they didn't make the cut though).


Photohosting is beyond me

Man that looks really lame where I posted that picture of myself. I was just trying to figure out how to get my profile picture up, honest. (I am so lame)

New Wave Pretension Posted by Hello

It's in the mail

I bought an iPod yesterday morning online (it's probably not actually in the mail yet).
Now I have to organize my playlists + not buy any more music for months so I can pay it off. Fuck.


My Plan for Listening Today

Here is today's listening itinerary for the warehouse:
1. Led Zeppelin - S/T
2. Tangiers - Hot New Spirits
3. Buzzcocks - Singles - Going Steady
4. The Hives - Veni Vidi Vicious
5. Led Zeppelin - III
6. Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight
7. the Strokes - Room on Fire
8. Black Mountain
9. Mando Diao - Bring 'Em In
10. DFA Compilation #2 - Disc 3
11. Rancid - Out Come the Wolves
12. Raveonettes - Whip It On
13. Led Zeppelin - IV

also, I'm so close to buying an i-pod. If you buy from Apple directly you get free ingraving on the back... POSSIBILITIES...