Eagerly anticipating the delivery of my iPod, I quickly set about transfering my music library from Windows Media Player to iTunes. Unbeknownst to me I left the transfer speed set at "How Fast Redwood Forests Turn in to Petrified Wood, Which is Still One of Those Things Most of Us Don't Understand". Started: 07:42:56 a.m. 06.09.05 with !!!. As of 16:49:53 p.m. 06.09.05 we were up to Hot Hot Heat. 07:33:06 a.m. 06.10.05 we were getting some Beggar's Banquet action courtesy of some unleathery Stones (the Rolling, now-$400-ticket-and-so-leathery ones). Goddammit it takes so long!
I am also convinced that FedEx hides in the bushes and watches me leave my house. Why? So that they can leave doorknob hangers on my door telling me they had been by to deliver the iPod. TWO DAYS IN A ROW they "attempted delivery" within 7 minutes of me leaving my house!
(also it is important to note that the iPod has been in Winnipeg in the evil clutches of FedEx for as long as it took to travel from SHANGHAI to ANCHORAGE, AK and then to MEMPHIS, TN where I wouldn't be surprised if FedEx loaded it up with rock-country
[blog terminated by admin. due to excessive vomiting brought on by thinking about "rock-country"]

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