A List

The problem with me is that I like to come up with good ideas about things that I should do but then never get around to doing them. Therefore I will make a list as a short monument to the things which I should do soon:
1. Pick a date for and write rules and invitations for the Society for the Historical Reinactment of Stand-Up Comedy;
2. Write an e-mail about my pants with a hole in them to the head office;
3. Make a mix tape which has side A being original songs and side B being remixes/covers (this will be very tricky as the remixes are rarely if ever the same length);
4. Trim my hair;
5. Find out where I can buy some silkscreen paint;
6. Make the "blood" hand silkscreen template;
7. Take a picture of the special thing I found the other day and post it;
8. Rework the last screenplay;
9. Edit my last History of Film paper and drop it off at school;
10. Find my black notebook;
11. Delete the duplicate songs off iTunes;
12. Make some good playlists.
Alright Ramblers, let's get rambling.

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newpolluter said...

again, the society idea is so incredibly good.