Do you like to have your blah blahed?

After renting it twice, I finally watched Lenny last night...Hoffman was on, man, when he was doing Bruce. The set-up was sorta untraditional, faux-documentary style, actors playing Bruce's real-life mother, manager, and wife, speaking in character about Lenny after his death, mixed in with sections of his life acted out like in any other film, and contrasted with one of his later-life stand-up acts (I don't want to say routines for particular reasons, especially his focus on his court cases). The structure payed off in that it gave Hoffman a lot of time to reinact Bruce doing stand-up, but at the same time left a lot of his downward spiral in relative darkness. Watching Hoffman do Bruce as a verbatim reinactment of one heroin-ravaged, near-breakdown show that had been caught on tape by a college student was one of those slow-motion car accident scenes... I vow not to procrastinate on film-watching like that anymore.


Shot Burner...

...and bust shit at random;
like civil war muskets or ADD kids throwing tantrums...


Posting for the sake of posting

Holy shit this blog guilt is a potent thing. There it is, all staring me in the face. Fine, blog, I give in, here you go.
What's new? Oh, let's see...
More reviews for Stylus sent in plus the interview of Bunf from Super Furry Animals. Listening to the tape of the interview was shocking at first, until I realized that what I was hearing was not really the true timbre of my voice, and that, in fact, the tape had recorded at a slower speed than it was playing on the stereo in my room - feeble hold on masculinity retained for another day.
It has also snowed a lot in the last day. A lot.
Oh yes, I almost forgot, while I was at the dentist the other day I became obsessed with phenomenology. What is phenomenology?

phe·nom·e·nol·o·gy (fĭ-nŏm'ə-nŏl'ə-jē) pronunciation
  1. A philosophy or method of inquiry based on the premise that reality consists of objects and events as they are perceived or understood in human consciousness and not of anything independent of human consciousness.
  2. A movement based on this, originated about 1905 by Edmund Husserl.
phe·nom'e·no·log'i·cal (-nə-lŏj'ĭ-kəl) adj.
phe·nom'e·no·log'i·cal·ly adv.
phe·nom'e·nol'o·gist n.

You know what? I really need to read up on it more (also on the Common Sense current of philosophy, which Jason had recommended).
Phenomenology as it interests me specifically - Shepard Fairey's Obey Giant project, and Denny's pile of stones in Chuck Palahniuk's Choke.


What's Up Paris?

What does it mean about Paris that their graffiti is digitized?
I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that Duck Hunt would be big in France.



So blogger.com has taught me a lesson. A lesson about using colours and different font sizes. Or, more accurately, about not using colours and different font sizes. You know why? Because that shit doesn't fly around here.
But I thought about it, blogger.com, and I decided that the heart of the problem, well, it lies squarely with you. Yeah, that's right - not me, it's you, pal. You come on strong with all your "user-friendly" interface. "Oh yes, people, come to me! Flock to me, my children, and I will let you use five different font sizes and a small rainbow of colours to fully articulate all of your self-centered, in-joke-reliant petty observations about our world!" Such an attractive idea, how could we resist?
Oh, I fell for that song and dance, and I fell hard. Hard! I was tentative at first, a bit shy, blushing as I first used the italics here, maybe made bold a phrase there. It was innocent; we were just playing around. Then things got serious and I sometimes added some colour in! My orange thoughts could now actually be orange! When I was feeling blue, so were my pathetic, self-reflexive words! It was like having some strange new super power! (But way smaller and far less useful!)
But then something happened - I lost control. You let me think I was guiding my own blog destiny, blogging the way I wanted to. But really it was your way all along. I couldn't turn it off. Can you imagine the shame, blogger.com, of clicking on your "handy" (please understand that I meant "handy" with extreme sarcasm) italics or bold button, and seeing, seeing with your own eyes that the button was no off, but still your words were in italics?!? Even worse was the time I'd attempted to use the huge font for the first letter of a post, sort of like those old-tyme storybooks, thinking Maybe we can have some fun with this thing. But you fucked me, blogger.com, and good...IT ALL CAME OUT HUGE! What if someone had actually visited that page, man?!? I know no one did, because that's blogging and I can accept that, but it could have happened by accident! What would they have thought of me?!? God, I can't believe I trusted you!
I'll keep posting. But not because I feel comfortable. I'll do it, on my terms, because I'm not a quitter (unless you count volunteering, silkscreening, cataloguing my magazines, learning the guitar, exercising, studying the French language, etc...). But if you keep messing me around, man, you will be so sorry, because I will watch Pump Up the Volume and get so in to it that I will BLOG HARD!


blogger ate my post up

Maybe it was the leftover Halloween spirit, or my complicated usage of font sizes, italics, and colours. But for whatever reason there may be, blogger has eaten my last post. I will do it later, old school style ("old school style" does not mean anything).

There was a girl at our show who danced like nutz and looked like Arthur from Degrassi (and she was kicked out)

SO we played last night at the Collective. Thanks very much to those who came, and to those who didn't, GYPSY CURSE. To those who bought our EP (plug: AVAILABLE NOW, visit our myspace for more information or for some kind of ordering), double super thanks. To the fat fuck at the back door when it was time to load up, talking about seeing wikkked metal guitarists in concert, shut your stupid douche-face mouth, asshole - I could smell his fat bitchness just as animals sense bad thoughts in people, at least in movies.
Space Amazon and the Warrior Queens sounded good, I finally got to see them, despite Glenn's attempted
sabotage. And We Are Wolves!!! Fucking great! Check them out - - - sort of like Liars and Deerhoof fucking in reverb (what does that mean?!?). To those three or so people I know in bigger cities like Montreal or Toronto, go see them, seethemseethemseethemseethem. Really nice guys with aspirations to play smaller, PA-equipped venues.