Do you like to have your blah blahed?

After renting it twice, I finally watched Lenny last night...Hoffman was on, man, when he was doing Bruce. The set-up was sorta untraditional, faux-documentary style, actors playing Bruce's real-life mother, manager, and wife, speaking in character about Lenny after his death, mixed in with sections of his life acted out like in any other film, and contrasted with one of his later-life stand-up acts (I don't want to say routines for particular reasons, especially his focus on his court cases). The structure payed off in that it gave Hoffman a lot of time to reinact Bruce doing stand-up, but at the same time left a lot of his downward spiral in relative darkness. Watching Hoffman do Bruce as a verbatim reinactment of one heroin-ravaged, near-breakdown show that had been caught on tape by a college student was one of those slow-motion car accident scenes... I vow not to procrastinate on film-watching like that anymore.

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