Halloween is a special time of year for most of us, whether you be pretending to be in high school and still trick-or-treating or just turning off the lights and lying on the floor until the greedy, mealy-mouthed urchins stop shouting for candy! more candy! with their piercing wails...
Anyways, that doesn't take all that long and you should be done around 9-ish. What to do then? It's a Monday night, you've already worn that costume to a party on the weekend, it's broken in and still smells okay, the chocolate and drink stains or whatever they are aren't too noticeable in dim light. But what can you possibly do to celebrate All Hallow's Eve?
Luckily I have an answer for you:
DADADADA:Lazers are playing at the Collective Cabaret!
We're opening for Montreal electro-punk trio We Are Wolves along with Space Amazon!
Check out the links on myspace.com to listen to them or us, and then ask Il Matto what bands who recorded between '77 and '94 we all sound like! And then come to the goddamn evil show!
Oct. 31st, Collective Cabaret, 1st band at 10pm, $5 with costume, $7 otherwise. And watch for our post-post-humous EP, to be released soon!


What's happening? (I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring, rap and sing, unlike the homogenous clones I'm in to earth tones, birthstones and erogen...)

In the language of my head, certain key words or phrases will immediately cause one of the underdeveloped parts of my brain to chime in with lyrics to rap songs...This one comes courtesay of MC Paul Barman's appearance on the Deltron 3030 album.
Speaking of albums, I got some nice ones from Sarah & Stylus magazine... This bi-month's windfall includes treats like the Chromeo mix, Nada Surf (though someone else might be reviewing it for the magazine), the Rubber Soul tribute - This Bird Has Flown - featuring the Fiery Furnaces, Ted Leo, Sufjan Stevens (I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but, you know how it is...), as well as Danger Doom!, the new Wu Tang comp: Think Diffently Music, and Felt's 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (I had no idea this existed until I pulled it out of an unmarked envelope - meeting-attending suckas missed out on this one).
Music has been good lately, what with the Arcade Fire / Wolf Parade show, the Metric visit, finding the URGH! record, Tangiers / Deadly Snakes playing tonight, a-a-a-a-n-n-n-d-d-d DADADADA:Lazers opening for We Are Wolves on Halloween at the Collective - come and check us out, imaginary people who read my blog! We even have a new song that we're stoked about and my dumb fingers won't be able to handle quite yet by the 31st. But whatever, man, don't sweat it - it's fucking rock'n'roll.


Separated at birth?

If I am seen in the reflection of the windows of the Scotia Bank at Polo Park with the right light and while I am biting my bottom lip, I look like a white Kanye West.



So let's see, what's new...
Best Value Village record find ever last week: URGH! A Music War the record. Seems that someone made a film that was concert footage of a bunch of new wave and post-punk bands in 1981, and I've never ever heard of the motherfucker. VV was too slow on the update with this record to mark it up to $10 like they love to do, so I got it for the flat rate. I'm going to type out the tracklist because my fingers need a workout:
Side 1:
Driven to Tears - The Police
Back In Flesh - Wall of Voodoo
Dance - Toyah Wilcox
Enola Gay - Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
Ain't This The Life - Oingo Boingo
Respectable Street - XTC;
Side 2:
Offshore Banking Business - The Members
We Got The Beat - Go-Go's
Total Eclipse - Klaus Nomi
Where's Captain Kirk - Athletico Spizz '80
Nothing Means Nothing Anymore - Alley Cats
Foolish I Know - Jools Holland
Ku Klu Klan - Steel Pulse;
Side 3:
Uncontrollable Urge - Devo
The Puppet - Echo and the Bunnymen
Come Again - The Au Pairs
Tear It Up - the Cramps
Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Birdies - Pere Ubu
Down in the Park - Gary Numan;
Side 4:
Shadow Line - the Fleshtones
He'd Send in the Army - Gang of Four
Cheryl's Going Home - John Otway
Homicide - 999
Beyond and Back - X
Model Worker - Magazine
Sign of the Cross - Skafish.
Somebody help me out - what movie has someone making fun of Klaus Nomi by saying his name a couple of times?
I saw A History of Violence last weekend and loved it. Cronenberg loves fluids and misshapen human bodies so much. The framing of the shots during the film's violence was masterful, the kind of on-screen action where you really viscerally feel like you're the film's protagonist right then. Viggo's restraint as Tom Stall was awesome, and I won't say anything more about that lest I give away important plot points.
Also saw Thumbsucker. Fuck was highschool ever an awkward time. Mike Mills has a great eye, evidenced by all his graphic art work, and the poster for the film is fucking boss. Lou Taylor Pucci seems like a pretty cool kid; one review I read mentioned his awkward-yet-cool charm as being like a young Johnny Depp - hella apt, baby, hella apt. I want one of those X-ed out wolf pictures. Will thumbsucking be the next slap bracelet? Nope. It will be power animals.
And then we played Cuntfest at the Albert Friday night. Alright time, I guess, but the sound was off and so was our timing. Conrad is back in town for the week and sang with us, and that was fun and brought back tender memories of old times.
Gin martinis seem to be the things to drink lately. But drinking straight gin without olives seems to fuck up your head. Oh when, science, when will you tell us why this is?
Also, why can't I turn italics off?


Last Nite

Last night we did not play any Strokes covers. However, we did play at the Albert, opening for You Say Party! We Say Die!, who fucking rocked. They all had excellent stage presence and were total wild women and men, especially the vocalist and the bass player, who wisely tested the strength of the sprinkler system pipe before actually swinging from it. I bet he woulda too, had it not been as flimsy as a tinker toy set. Singer Becky started off in the audience, which always deserves extra props - I wish the two regulars who sat front and centre, John Leguizamo II and the Caveman, had a blog so I could link and show what they thought about the show, but if they use computers, they probably hold it down Apple IIe or Comodore 64 style - and was in and out. The crowd was in to it too, to paraphrase MF Doom YSP!WSD! had the fans breakdancing in the stands. If and when they come back, I will definitely be there.
And tonight we try our luck at the New Forms Festival fundraiser (formal, please). Cha cha chachacha.



Okay, I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but things have been busy + I have been lazy.
Here is the new pertinent information:
1. I am compiling a Rolodex. If you happen to have randomly happened upon this blog of mine and would like to be in my Rolodex (don't worry - like a neglectful child, I rarely call or write and never visit), please feel free to leave a comment with your Rolodex-card-type of information. After committing that information to the card, I will take a picture of said card and e-mail the photo to you, electronically;
2. The Arcade Fire show (09.30.05 at the Walker Theatre, Winnipeg) was mind-blowingly amazingly supercool. I like that you can tell those guys are basically university music dorks who just play so fucking hard. It really was one of the best shows I've ever seen (even if the "Queen Bitch" cover wasn't as good as Bowie, don't tell them, and it's not their fault because that song is almost perfect);
3. Last night's Black Mountain (shitty link, I know) was also radical, moreso them than the openers - I ain't got no time for country. I had no idea it was 2 am when they finally stopped - songs on the album are long, but they e-x-t-e-n-d them live, to fucking rawk effect. Beautifully heavy, druggy sound...;
4. DADADADA:Lazers will be opening for BC's YouSayParty!WeSayDie! at the Royal Albert Arms on Thursday, Oct. 6th. It's a last minute thing;
and finally;
5. This Friday, we'll be playing at the New Forms Festival, check my cut'n'paste from the e-mail:

You are formally invited to the. . .




TICKETS ONLY $10 buy them in advance!!!

With hosts Glenn Hall and John Bevan, featuring performances by poor tree, Young Lungs, My Old Lady, DJ Rob Vilar, DADADADA:lazers, Mime with Real Objects and film by Coral Aiken and Mike Maryniuk.

doors at 8pm show starts at 9pm

Put on your fanciest fall formal fashions, buy your ticket and come out to support this great festival celebrating movement in theatre and dance.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 783.6912 OR EMAIL new_forms_festival@hotmail.com or me coral.aiken@gmail.com
The New Forms Festival will be happening November 23 - 26 at WCD Studio and feature new creations by local favorites Young Lungs and Coral Aiken as well as guests NaCl from New York State ( former members of Primus Theatre perform in Winnipeg for the first time since the demise of that company! experimental theatre legends!)
Feel free to forward this formal invitation to the fall formal to your finest friends (and foes).