What's happening? (I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring, rap and sing, unlike the homogenous clones I'm in to earth tones, birthstones and erogen...)

In the language of my head, certain key words or phrases will immediately cause one of the underdeveloped parts of my brain to chime in with lyrics to rap songs...This one comes courtesay of MC Paul Barman's appearance on the Deltron 3030 album.
Speaking of albums, I got some nice ones from Sarah & Stylus magazine... This bi-month's windfall includes treats like the Chromeo mix, Nada Surf (though someone else might be reviewing it for the magazine), the Rubber Soul tribute - This Bird Has Flown - featuring the Fiery Furnaces, Ted Leo, Sufjan Stevens (I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but, you know how it is...), as well as Danger Doom!, the new Wu Tang comp: Think Diffently Music, and Felt's 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (I had no idea this existed until I pulled it out of an unmarked envelope - meeting-attending suckas missed out on this one).
Music has been good lately, what with the Arcade Fire / Wolf Parade show, the Metric visit, finding the URGH! record, Tangiers / Deadly Snakes playing tonight, a-a-a-a-n-n-n-d-d-d DADADADA:Lazers opening for We Are Wolves on Halloween at the Collective - come and check us out, imaginary people who read my blog! We even have a new song that we're stoked about and my dumb fingers won't be able to handle quite yet by the 31st. But whatever, man, don't sweat it - it's fucking rock'n'roll.


newpolluter said...

We Are Wolves is big shit! I'm so there!

The New-Wave Vandal said...

Dude, we'll still tender your offer first before we sign for huge $ (actually none ever is what I'd guess).

newpolluter said...

hey, if WAW can tour all over, you guys certainly can. just need to get the lineup altogether.