Halloween is a special time of year for most of us, whether you be pretending to be in high school and still trick-or-treating or just turning off the lights and lying on the floor until the greedy, mealy-mouthed urchins stop shouting for candy! more candy! with their piercing wails...
Anyways, that doesn't take all that long and you should be done around 9-ish. What to do then? It's a Monday night, you've already worn that costume to a party on the weekend, it's broken in and still smells okay, the chocolate and drink stains or whatever they are aren't too noticeable in dim light. But what can you possibly do to celebrate All Hallow's Eve?
Luckily I have an answer for you:
DADADADA:Lazers are playing at the Collective Cabaret!
We're opening for Montreal electro-punk trio We Are Wolves along with Space Amazon!
Check out the links on myspace.com to listen to them or us, and then ask Il Matto what bands who recorded between '77 and '94 we all sound like! And then come to the goddamn evil show!
Oct. 31st, Collective Cabaret, 1st band at 10pm, $5 with costume, $7 otherwise. And watch for our post-post-humous EP, to be released soon!

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