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Best Value Village record find ever last week: URGH! A Music War the record. Seems that someone made a film that was concert footage of a bunch of new wave and post-punk bands in 1981, and I've never ever heard of the motherfucker. VV was too slow on the update with this record to mark it up to $10 like they love to do, so I got it for the flat rate. I'm going to type out the tracklist because my fingers need a workout:
Side 1:
Driven to Tears - The Police
Back In Flesh - Wall of Voodoo
Dance - Toyah Wilcox
Enola Gay - Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
Ain't This The Life - Oingo Boingo
Respectable Street - XTC;
Side 2:
Offshore Banking Business - The Members
We Got The Beat - Go-Go's
Total Eclipse - Klaus Nomi
Where's Captain Kirk - Athletico Spizz '80
Nothing Means Nothing Anymore - Alley Cats
Foolish I Know - Jools Holland
Ku Klu Klan - Steel Pulse;
Side 3:
Uncontrollable Urge - Devo
The Puppet - Echo and the Bunnymen
Come Again - The Au Pairs
Tear It Up - the Cramps
Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Birdies - Pere Ubu
Down in the Park - Gary Numan;
Side 4:
Shadow Line - the Fleshtones
He'd Send in the Army - Gang of Four
Cheryl's Going Home - John Otway
Homicide - 999
Beyond and Back - X
Model Worker - Magazine
Sign of the Cross - Skafish.
Somebody help me out - what movie has someone making fun of Klaus Nomi by saying his name a couple of times?
I saw A History of Violence last weekend and loved it. Cronenberg loves fluids and misshapen human bodies so much. The framing of the shots during the film's violence was masterful, the kind of on-screen action where you really viscerally feel like you're the film's protagonist right then. Viggo's restraint as Tom Stall was awesome, and I won't say anything more about that lest I give away important plot points.
Also saw Thumbsucker. Fuck was highschool ever an awkward time. Mike Mills has a great eye, evidenced by all his graphic art work, and the poster for the film is fucking boss. Lou Taylor Pucci seems like a pretty cool kid; one review I read mentioned his awkward-yet-cool charm as being like a young Johnny Depp - hella apt, baby, hella apt. I want one of those X-ed out wolf pictures. Will thumbsucking be the next slap bracelet? Nope. It will be power animals.
And then we played Cuntfest at the Albert Friday night. Alright time, I guess, but the sound was off and so was our timing. Conrad is back in town for the week and sang with us, and that was fun and brought back tender memories of old times.
Gin martinis seem to be the things to drink lately. But drinking straight gin without olives seems to fuck up your head. Oh when, science, when will you tell us why this is?
Also, why can't I turn italics off?

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Catrina said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting - we usually play at convenient hours (mostly evenings to late nights) Manila/Singapore time but since we've been getting listeners from other parts of the world, we've been trying to come up with a convenient show for your time zone. ;)