New Hat

I got a new hat.I'll wear it to Montreal.



We're (DADADADA:Lazers) playing on Monday with Les Georges Leningrad and Duchess Says at the Collective Cabaret and we'll have the limited Fantasy edition versions of our Whims of Fantasy EP! New line-up including Rob Vilar on guitar and Mike Ryckman on drums!


3 Drips

That's a picture of a ceiling-mounted steam radiator! Those (along with hot pipes for hot water) heat my apartment. TWO of FOUR are leaking! One just drips periodically in my room, and the second destroyed a stack of Stylus magazines, my Islands interview notes, and designs for the DADADADA: Lazers "Whims of Fantasy" EP's cover.
In related news, sometimes water leaks from my toilet. I put a piece of paper towel in front of it a week ago and it hasn't leaked since. I'm developing a superstition about it and I'm afraid to move the (possibly enchanted) paper towel.


Gone But Not Forgotten

As promised, here are some pictures* of the wonderful one-month mustache, which I had cultivated upon my upper lip some time ago.
(you can really see the length in this one) (I wasn't trimming the soul patch either)

*please note, I am topless in these photographs (NSFW, imgo)


I've been working out

It's been a while since some of you have seen me, and webcam pics are deceiving. Here's how I'm looking now (this picture was taken yesterday at approx. 1:14 pm CST) - - - - - - - - - >>>
- - - - - - - - - - - >>>


Kick, Push

Here's how I look when I listen to Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push":
I dunno why but I really like that song.
Hey, guess what? I'm basically all tapped out on things to blog about.
Today was a record music hall at Value Village! Old school hip hop tapes: De La Soul's De La Soul is Dead, Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet ("9-1-1- is a Joke"!), Run DMC's Tougher than Leather, and Stetsasonic's In Full Gear, plus some records that you can check out on Album Coverz.
I've been watching movies lately...The Science of Sleep (gorgeously fun), The Departed (fucking intense), and Marie Antoinette (interesting balance of excess and subtlety, with a great anachronistic soundtrack) in theatres, as well as Layer Cake (seen it before, but not since I read the book - the movie is really tight and impressively stylized without sacrificing any content/narrative), Elizabethtown (Orlando Bloom is a waste of time, and Cameron Crowe makes nice stories without anything too risky and doesn't direct his actors enough, which works with people with natural chemistry, but not fucking elves), and How to Get Ahead in Advertising (watch it!!!) on DVD.
And this weekend, Shout Out Out Out Out and DJs Hunnicutt and Co-Op, as well as Islands!


Miles of Stilles

I'm now the Winnipeg moderator for Stillepost! Go there, doye.



"Americans have long regarded the semi- colon with suspicion, as a genteel, self-conscious, neither-one-thing-nor-the other sort of punctuation mark, with neither the butchness of a full colon nor the flighty promiscuity of the comma. Hemingway and Chandler and Stephen King wouldn’t be seen dead in a ditch with a semi-colon (though Truman Capote might). Real men, goes the unwritten rule of American punctuation, don’t use semi-colons... If you really want to hurt your parents, and you don’t have the nerve to be a homosexual, the least you can do is go into the arts. But do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites, standing for absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college."
-Kurt Vonnegut


Up up updates

under construction

The mustache was shorn to a reasonable length after getting in my soup; pictures to come pending Olympus battery recharging.

In other news, I got sick with the flu and puked in my bed.

This is a great video - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->


Here's how it will go down...

The arrangements worked out for the meeting are not satisfactory. I am informing you of new ones.
1. Place : In front of the British Museum in London, on Great Russell Street, at the opposite side of the street, about Museum Street from the side of Tottenham Court Road repeat Tottenham Court Road, Tom walks from Tottenham Court Road, the mustache from the opposite side - Southampton Row.
2. Time : As indicated by you, however, it would be more expedient to carry out the meeting at 20 o'clock, if it should be convenient for Tom, as at 23 o'clock it is too dark. As for the time, agree about it with Tom and communicate the decision to me. In case the meeting should not take place in October, the time and day will be repeated in the following months.
3. Identification signs : Tom will have under his left arm the newspaper Times, the mustache will have in his left hand the magazine Picture Post.
4. Password : The mustache: "What is the shortest way to the Strand?"
Tom: "Well come along. I am going that way."
In the beginning of the business conversation Tom says: "Best regards from Mikel."
Report on transmitting the conditions to Tom.


Notes on Progress

It's about

and I need one of these


Best Intentions

I hereby declare my intention to let my mustache grow in for as long as I can stand it. I will do my best to find and use some mustache wax if the mustache reaches an appropriate length. I just thought you should know in case you start wondering why I look weirder than normal (and not just the way how I normally get weirder- and gross-er-looking with each passing day).


Hot Shots

I decided to finally learn how to use my computer, mainly because everything looks better on it than things probably do on your computer.
So how about a screenshot?


Like Magnum P.I.

(except not a private eye and less Republican and less gay-in-the-closet)
I have the kind of chest hair that peeks out of the neck of any shirt that doesn't have a fully-buttoned collar or a medium-to-tight crewneck.
But you know what? I'm alright with that.


The 1000 Clicks club

Don't worry - most of them are probably me (and Becker).

Update: I pulled a muscle doing nothing but walking on the dock in the dark at the lake. So the streak of hurting myself continues. Heidi thinks that it's my body trying to tell me something and I think that's right. I had some sort of revelation about it yesterday and then forgot what I had figured out right away. I think it was something about needing to master my surroundings more though working to gain control over my own self. I'll keep you posted next time I hurt myself (probably later today at the Hall & Oates concert - I'm betting knife fight with the band over the lack of mustaches because no thick lip hair = not my Hall & Oates).


I'm getting worse

It's true. I am basically getting worse at everything.

Lately I've been a walking calamity. For a while it was just whilst drinking, such as the damaged fingernail shown a couple weeks ago, or the swollen knuckle (still hurts a bit to make a fist) shown here:
and scraped shoulder from crashing a shopping cart. Oh, and the giant shin bruise, since faded, from jumping over a fence after Becker smashed a bottle.

But there has also been the double-palm-puncturing fall during basketball (playground pebbles on the asphalt), shown here after a couple days of scabbing:
and the general, intense stiffness after playing baseball (hit every time, never was out!) and soccer (ball to the face from own goalie 5 feet away - glasses knocked off and frames bent a little, bridge of the nose a little tender) with Joanne's family.

I'm probably getting dumber too, but thankfully am dumb enough to not be able to actually measure it and present any proof.

Well, I think I'll go get a drink and toast, by myself, to settling in to mediocrity, with this quote from Virginia Woolf:
"The middlebrow is the man, or woman, of middlebred intelligence who ambles and saunters now on this side of the hedge, now on that, in pursuit of no single object, neither art itself nor life itself, but both mixed indistinguishably, and rather nastily, with money, fame, power, or prestige."



What happened was this basically:



Good Form

Drinking at Good Form and trying to climb a thing after kinda sorta did this to my finger.
It's time for revenge, so I'm sending DADADADA:Lazers there tomorrow night to rock its ass.
We're on at 10:30 and there is a dance dance dance party afterwards.
So come. Come on. Come.


I can't believe I forgot to mention it to anybody...

It's not every day that you see a man riding on a Segway scooter in a back alley!
And I forgot to tell anybody!
It happened three days ago while I was getting gas at the Shell station at Portage and Olive, and the Segway man was coming from the stripmall on the next block. That means he was either doing some drycleaning, buying insurance, eating at Boston Pizza, or maybe picking up a prescription at Shoppers Drugmart. But my money is on either buying tetra-packs of wine at the liquor store, renting video games at Microplay, or looking at the puppies in the window of the pet store that will probably be closing down soon.
This was actually the first time I'd ever seen anyone using one in real life. I'd thought that maybe Ron Howard invented them as a prop for prime time sitcoms that are too good to not get cancelled:


Shit at blogging

I've really been neglecting this blog thing lately, so much so that probably I've lost all 3 regular readers. That's what happens when you really get in to 'splosions (explosions to the layman).


Basically like the Jeffersons is what I mean

I haven't been blogging so much lately as not blogging, and the reason for that is because I moved, but anyone who reads this already knew that because I've also sent you an email about the new contact information and everything, or maybe like Jason you actually helped me move. I'm going out, so I'm not going to give you many details, but here is a picture of one corner of my place with my 3-striped shoulder as I'm leaning out of the way (the picture is in black and white and best viewed on an old Apple IIe with the old green and black monitor, but I'm sure whatever you have will do, and if you don't have a Mac my font won't look as good anyways, so you are already missing out...)


Gnarls in Charge

Tonight I got crazy with the blog templates, y'all!

Adding two more reviews to my repetoire for this issue of Stylus:

Glenn: Wolseley.
Also, guys, readers, "you people", should I post my reviews on my myspace blog?


What's up, buddy?

I stay up all night, I go to sleep watching Dragnet, I never sleep alone because Jimmy is the magnet...

I'm going to be up for a while writing reviews for Stylus - deadline is tomorrow. I've got a big bag of candy, which is a bad idea when I'm writing since I like to cram food in my mouth when I get stuck on something...

Hey, I signed a lease! That's all you get for now as I am "back to work", i.e. eating candy.



I love KV

"Humor is a way of holding off how awful life can be, to protect yourself. Finally, you just get too tired, and the news is too awful, and humor doesn't work anymore."
"I apologize to all of you who are the same age as my grandchildren. And many of you reading this are probably the same age as my grandchildren. They , like you, are being royally shafted and lied to by our Baby Boomer corporations and government.
"Yes, this planet is in a terrible mess. But it has always been a mess. There have never been any 'Good Old Days,' there have just been days. And as I say to my grandchildren, 'Don't look at me. I just got here.'
"There are old poops who will say that you do not become a grown-up until you have somehow survived, as they have, some famous calamity - the Great Depression, the Second World War, Vietnam, whatever. Storytellers are responsible for this destructive, not to say suicidal, myth. Again and again in stories, after some terrible mess, the character is able to say at last, 'Today I am a woman. Today I am a man. The end.'
"When I got home from the Second World War, my Uncle Dan clapped me on the back, and he said, 'You're a man now.' So I killed him. Not really, but I certainly felt like doing it."
-Kurt Vonnegut, from A Man Without a Country, (which I am reading now and loving)


Playlists to make for the iPod:

1. Anti Popping and Locking - to include all Anti Pop Consortium, Airborn Audio, Beans, and any cameos by Beans, M. Sayyid, or High Priest. (alternate title: Tron Men Speaking);

2. The Many Masks of DOOM - all MF Doom, King Geedorah, Danger Doom, Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn albums as well as Doom's productions on MF Grimm, M.I.C., and Ghostface records;

3. Montreal vs. Toronto - bands from them two urbane areas;

4. Hottt Shittt - more recent, exciting hip hop stuff (I'm thinking for the first round some Spank Rock, Cadence Weapon, Ghostface Killah...), well maybe not ALL recent, but basically the best hip hop with an emphasis on the new;

5. Untitled Summer Playlist (2006) - I've got to have something in the rock way to balance out all the hip hop.

Cognitive Dissonance

After dropping Heidi off tonight, I was driving down Westminster, and I saw this girl who was all hippied-out (pretty par for the course in the heart of Wolseley, I know), and she pulled out a cellphone to check a number or look at the time or something. I only noticed it because the phone was glowing blue. But something about it seemed so weird. Can't they design a phone that looks a bit more granola? I know cellphones aren't going anywhere as people are too addicted to the convenience and they keep getting cheaper and smaller. But why not make one that, instead of glowing blue glows like the gold Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves find in the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit? That would seem more natural when the light is pouring out of the phone and illuminating the hempen fibres of the owner's clothes as he or she is being told to hurry up and get to Cousin's so they can justify both of the tables their friends grabbed on the faux-patio.


More albums...

Holy shit did I ever buy more albums...picked up the last Hot Chip record, "Coming on Strong" along with Tapes 'n Tapes "The Loon", DJ Spooky's "Subliminal Minded" EP, and Pink Mountaintops' "Axis of Evol", plus I got a copy of They Shoot Horses Don't They?'s (thanks for making me not know how to punctuate your stuff, you BC beard-o's) "Boo Hoo Hoo Boo" after their show at the Albert last week!
So my latest favorite songs are: "Keep Fallin'" by Hot Chip (where they sing about how Stevie Wonder sees things and compare themselves to Gene and Dean Ween and say "Give up all you suckers, we're the tightest motherfuckers and you've never seen this type of shit before" followed by some lyric about smoking crack that I can't make out yet) and "9 Milli Bros." by Ghostface Killah featuring Wu Tang Clan (MF Doom produced it and it uses his beat from the Monster Island Czars track "1, 2...1, 2"). If I was less lazy I'd give you links to those songs. If you've got a problem, grow up!
You know, speaking of Ghostface's album, "Jellyfish" is also super hot!


The Postman Always Posts Twice

(It seems like every time I choose a title for a post I have to think about how many other people have probably chosen the same one. I bet 5 people this time, discounting the 3 mailmen - 2 of them live in California actually - who have it as the headline for their entire blogs)

Wow, after that I don't have much to say.

I got some albums lately - the new Ghostface, Islands, the latest Fannypack, the Editors. Maybe I'll review them for y'all on here some time soon.

Been toying with starting up a t-shirt blog, but after folding some this morning I think I'll hold off for a while.

Saw the new Adicolor shell-toes...meh, alright, but not that great. The camo was the best, in canvas. It's too bad we don't have a couple proper shoe nerd boutiques here. Urban Bakery and Boutique do o-tay, and Kings can usually be counted on to have a couple of options, but still, something is lacking. Maybe I should start up a store that caters to that crowd and gives me an ulcer.


It's that time again!

Time to take a break from the tedium that is re-ripping all my music to the new computer! Let's go see if there is any air in the old tyres (tires)!


Hair Today

Before.And after.
I was going to go all Travis Bickle for Ray and R.Beef but doing the work at the back of the head is tricky mixed bizness. But now I'm like a newly shorn lamb, just in time for Easter (uh oh, does he have some god complex?).


Putney Swope is a jive cat, man

"He can't walk, he can't talk, he can't sit - he can't do nothing right..."
But at least he's not Mimeo, the german-accented midget president of the United States, who likes to talk about "shooting up" - "Ve vill relax, I've got some grass, iz good shit."
(You might have to watch it to understand what the fuck I'm talking about).


; and ...

I don't use semi-colons - I just rock the dash instead. (Kurt Vonnegut doesn't use the semi-colons either - he calls them "transvestite hermaphrodites" for all the good they do and all the sense they make).
But I am hooked on ellipses. I'm starting methadone so as I can shake the beast that is Ellipsis Addiction.


(don't worry - it won't hurt for long)

Looks like the gorgeousness of the pictures in my last post broke my blog. I'm sure there is a crack team of 18 to 24 nerds working on it right now. The leader is basically the only one who drinks coffee - he's the alpha nerd. The other ones, they mostly stick to Diet Pepsi and Pepsi, and a few really like Mountain Dew (Pepsi Co. has the contract for the vending machines at Blogger's office). One guy, though, drinks Coca-Cola almost exclusively (his grandfather was a collector of Coke memorabilia, especially the Norman Rockwell advertisements) and even wears an old "Coke is it!" t-shirt every couple of weeks. Anyway, I'm sure it will be fixed in a day or two.

Mylee is in Japan! (but this is from the night before she left)

Here are some pictures for you to look at with your eyeballs:Heidi in the car!
Sometimes I look scary (in the car)!
Mylee puts her boots on!
Heidi "crushing" Mylee's eye, with Canada Dry Ginger Ale !
Sara and Mylee (I didn't post any candids, alright?!?)!
I look fat and angry/perturbed!
"Turn your head slightly to the side and smile with an open mouth!"
Bevan and Mylee!
Theatre Kidz and Jazz Hands (modified), directed by H. Malaz. !
Glenn is also going away, but less far away!