Playlists to make for the iPod:

1. Anti Popping and Locking - to include all Anti Pop Consortium, Airborn Audio, Beans, and any cameos by Beans, M. Sayyid, or High Priest. (alternate title: Tron Men Speaking);

2. The Many Masks of DOOM - all MF Doom, King Geedorah, Danger Doom, Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn albums as well as Doom's productions on MF Grimm, M.I.C., and Ghostface records;

3. Montreal vs. Toronto - bands from them two urbane areas;

4. Hottt Shittt - more recent, exciting hip hop stuff (I'm thinking for the first round some Spank Rock, Cadence Weapon, Ghostface Killah...), well maybe not ALL recent, but basically the best hip hop with an emphasis on the new;

5. Untitled Summer Playlist (2006) - I've got to have something in the rock way to balance out all the hip hop.

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