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The mustache was shorn to a reasonable length after getting in my soup; pictures to come pending Olympus battery recharging.

In other news, I got sick with the flu and puked in my bed.

This is a great video - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->


Here's how it will go down...

The arrangements worked out for the meeting are not satisfactory. I am informing you of new ones.
1. Place : In front of the British Museum in London, on Great Russell Street, at the opposite side of the street, about Museum Street from the side of Tottenham Court Road repeat Tottenham Court Road, Tom walks from Tottenham Court Road, the mustache from the opposite side - Southampton Row.
2. Time : As indicated by you, however, it would be more expedient to carry out the meeting at 20 o'clock, if it should be convenient for Tom, as at 23 o'clock it is too dark. As for the time, agree about it with Tom and communicate the decision to me. In case the meeting should not take place in October, the time and day will be repeated in the following months.
3. Identification signs : Tom will have under his left arm the newspaper Times, the mustache will have in his left hand the magazine Picture Post.
4. Password : The mustache: "What is the shortest way to the Strand?"
Tom: "Well come along. I am going that way."
In the beginning of the business conversation Tom says: "Best regards from Mikel."
Report on transmitting the conditions to Tom.


Notes on Progress

It's about

and I need one of these


Best Intentions

I hereby declare my intention to let my mustache grow in for as long as I can stand it. I will do my best to find and use some mustache wax if the mustache reaches an appropriate length. I just thought you should know in case you start wondering why I look weirder than normal (and not just the way how I normally get weirder- and gross-er-looking with each passing day).