Bar Fight

I just learned about this cartoon BAR FIGHT, from Christy Karacas, the mad genius behind the wonderful SUPERJAIL!, which I've been revisiting.

Get ready for joyful mayhem!


Nerdy Boyfriend

While I am one, I'm not speaking specifically about myself but rather this very impressive photo/fashion blog I've only recently learned about: http://nerdboyfriend.com/

Every couple of days whoever runs this thing posts a picture of some classy, classic man or man exhibiting some great (almost always) retro style followed by a number of picture links to products very similar to some of the clothes and accessories worn in the original photos. Since I am generally always in dire need of looking/dressing better I'll have to keep an eye on this url for sartorial advice (despite never being able to afford anything most likely - beware the Japanese products made with arcane and expensive production techniques I often cannot/will not pronounce)...



***Apathetic Update***

I don't seem to have much blogging in me lately. Everything interesting is already on some other blog and I don't feel like just linking. I don't want to talk about my thesis and I don't have anything funny or interesting to say.

I guess my time in Ottawa is running down, 17 more days or so. I'll miss things like the Manx and Bridgehead and the canal/locks, DiRienzo's and Kettleman's, probably the Mayfair most of all.

The beard came off a while ago and the moustache is going really strong, probably the strongest it's ever been now. I documented the beard in its last hours but I don't really want to upload pictures of that right now, or the moustache - you'll just have to take my word on it. The moustache has actually been getting compliments lately (it goes through stages in that regard), and the beard was a hit with some, so much so that it may make a repeat appearance when it's colder out. Who can really say though?

Anyway, want to see my bike? I might be leaving it behind but also may bring it along to Toronto. It's called the "Sky Wagon".