***Apathetic Update***

I don't seem to have much blogging in me lately. Everything interesting is already on some other blog and I don't feel like just linking. I don't want to talk about my thesis and I don't have anything funny or interesting to say.

I guess my time in Ottawa is running down, 17 more days or so. I'll miss things like the Manx and Bridgehead and the canal/locks, DiRienzo's and Kettleman's, probably the Mayfair most of all.

The beard came off a while ago and the moustache is going really strong, probably the strongest it's ever been now. I documented the beard in its last hours but I don't really want to upload pictures of that right now, or the moustache - you'll just have to take my word on it. The moustache has actually been getting compliments lately (it goes through stages in that regard), and the beard was a hit with some, so much so that it may make a repeat appearance when it's colder out. Who can really say though?

Anyway, want to see my bike? I might be leaving it behind but also may bring it along to Toronto. It's called the "Sky Wagon".


Emma said...

the wall that your bike is leaning on looks suspiciously like the wall of the house I grew up in in Ottawa. Is that anywhere near 444 Bevan Avenue?

K said...

Your bike is pretty. I hope you brought it to Toronto with you. A good lookin' bike is important to your Life Happiness Index (at least it is to mine).