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Holy shit did I ever buy more albums...picked up the last Hot Chip record, "Coming on Strong" along with Tapes 'n Tapes "The Loon", DJ Spooky's "Subliminal Minded" EP, and Pink Mountaintops' "Axis of Evol", plus I got a copy of They Shoot Horses Don't They?'s (thanks for making me not know how to punctuate your stuff, you BC beard-o's) "Boo Hoo Hoo Boo" after their show at the Albert last week!
So my latest favorite songs are: "Keep Fallin'" by Hot Chip (where they sing about how Stevie Wonder sees things and compare themselves to Gene and Dean Ween and say "Give up all you suckers, we're the tightest motherfuckers and you've never seen this type of shit before" followed by some lyric about smoking crack that I can't make out yet) and "9 Milli Bros." by Ghostface Killah featuring Wu Tang Clan (MF Doom produced it and it uses his beat from the Monster Island Czars track "1, 2...1, 2"). If I was less lazy I'd give you links to those songs. If you've got a problem, grow up!
You know, speaking of Ghostface's album, "Jellyfish" is also super hot!

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Kt said...

I just have to say that that post was one of the most entertaining, and apt posts I've ever read. Well-written, funny, perceptive, and possibly a very good idea. Love the faux-patio bit. Blog Gold my brotha.