Cognitive Dissonance

After dropping Heidi off tonight, I was driving down Westminster, and I saw this girl who was all hippied-out (pretty par for the course in the heart of Wolseley, I know), and she pulled out a cellphone to check a number or look at the time or something. I only noticed it because the phone was glowing blue. But something about it seemed so weird. Can't they design a phone that looks a bit more granola? I know cellphones aren't going anywhere as people are too addicted to the convenience and they keep getting cheaper and smaller. But why not make one that, instead of glowing blue glows like the gold Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves find in the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit? That would seem more natural when the light is pouring out of the phone and illuminating the hempen fibres of the owner's clothes as he or she is being told to hurry up and get to Cousin's so they can justify both of the tables their friends grabbed on the faux-patio.


Emma said...

so much cognitive dissonance & so little time.
(although some cellphones are cheaper than a real phone......true story.)
Love Emma

Becker said...

boo cell phones, boo