Last Nite

Last night we did not play any Strokes covers. However, we did play at the Albert, opening for You Say Party! We Say Die!, who fucking rocked. They all had excellent stage presence and were total wild women and men, especially the vocalist and the bass player, who wisely tested the strength of the sprinkler system pipe before actually swinging from it. I bet he woulda too, had it not been as flimsy as a tinker toy set. Singer Becky started off in the audience, which always deserves extra props - I wish the two regulars who sat front and centre, John Leguizamo II and the Caveman, had a blog so I could link and show what they thought about the show, but if they use computers, they probably hold it down Apple IIe or Comodore 64 style - and was in and out. The crowd was in to it too, to paraphrase MF Doom YSP!WSD! had the fans breakdancing in the stands. If and when they come back, I will definitely be there.
And tonight we try our luck at the New Forms Festival fundraiser (formal, please). Cha cha chachacha.

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