There was a girl at our show who danced like nutz and looked like Arthur from Degrassi (and she was kicked out)

SO we played last night at the Collective. Thanks very much to those who came, and to those who didn't, GYPSY CURSE. To those who bought our EP (plug: AVAILABLE NOW, visit our myspace for more information or for some kind of ordering), double super thanks. To the fat fuck at the back door when it was time to load up, talking about seeing wikkked metal guitarists in concert, shut your stupid douche-face mouth, asshole - I could smell his fat bitchness just as animals sense bad thoughts in people, at least in movies.
Space Amazon and the Warrior Queens sounded good, I finally got to see them, despite Glenn's attempted
sabotage. And We Are Wolves!!! Fucking great! Check them out - - - sort of like Liars and Deerhoof fucking in reverb (what does that mean?!?). To those three or so people I know in bigger cities like Montreal or Toronto, go see them, seethemseethemseethemseethem. Really nice guys with aspirations to play smaller, PA-equipped venues.

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