The Society for the Historical Reinactment of Classic Stand-Up Comedy

Heidi and I came up with this idea the other night:
It will be so great you don't even understand. People will choose a comedian and a routine, memorize it (or work from a paper if they have to), get the cadence down, the speed of the delivery, the pauses, the attitude. We'll set up a cabaret-style stage w/ tables, and then get up and deliver the routines! It will be so good! Classic Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, the Unknown Comic, George Burns, Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Paula Poundstone, Carrot Top, Ellen Degeneres... I know some of them would probably suck terribly (I'm looking at you Carrot Top you pumped-up, facelift, 1-800-F-R-E-A-K), but they can still be funny in parody. This is such a hot idea! It's going to be rad! I need to draw up a charter and figure out some logistics as well as a list of possible members, and then start memorizing some Lenny Bruce routines - I get first dibs for coming up with the idea.


Webgrrl74 said...

Groovy idea, but I worry it'll turn out something like how they tried to recreate all those 80's sitcoms a couple of years ago. I like the way you're thinking though.

The New-Wave Vandal said...

I think the only way to avoid that would be to appoint a "director" each time who would have all the routine scripts. If the performer deviated too much, became to "cutesy", say, or worked cellphones or Tamagotchi or Joey Buttafuoco in to their monologue, the director would then strike them about the head and neck with a stout bamboo pole. You know, like they do on cruise ships.

newpolluter said...

brilliant idea.

sarah m said...

fuck yeah

i'm in.