It's a new regime

Sadly, all the new regime consists of is me trying to organize my insane magazine habit (obsessive-compulsive disorder?) with those faux-woodgrain cardboard magazine holders and putting magazines from the last 3 years in bankers' boxes.
Oh yes, I'm also trying to vary my work-playlist. No more Belle & Sebastian all day long. Right now it's a hip hop playlist w/ "Jive Talk" by Juggaknots.
And I'm also drinking V8 at breakfast. This new habit will probably end today as I drank the last of the bottle. I sure do like V8.
New song - "Riddim Killah" by Rodney P off the Herbal Blend mix courtesy of the Herbaliser.
I promise I'll get some of them pictures on here soon. At least the night view from the balcony of Hotel de la Montagne, because I like the quality of the light.

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