Black Mountain Side

I heard this new band. They are called "Black Mountain". I know nothing about them. Scott gave me a copy of their album. Mostly a guy sings but sometimes a girl will sing as well. Is their name based on a Zeppelin song? I don't know, maybe. Do they sound like Zeppelin? I don't know, maybe. But they are good. GOOD. I like them so much I almost don't want to learn anymore about them, it might spoil the romance.
Did you know that I have the free gift - Team Zissou toque? Better believe it, y'all.
Adidas is doing this thing now for the 35th anniversary of the shell toe where they are releasing 35 versions of the shoe as designed by varying hip stores throughout the world. I saw a few, number 33, 34, and 35 this weekend. Overall the design is quite fetching, quite, BUT THERE ARE METAL REINFORCMENTS AROUND THE EYELETS! WHY?!? And it's a sort of burnished grey commemorating the anniversary. Okay, I could take the celebration of the 35th year (Coral or Jade Anniversary, who cares?), and the Louis Vuitton-inspired patternwork (done to death). It's such a shame
I must leave you now as I am watching The Party. Ho ho, it looks as if the waiter is drunk!

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