T-shirts + Animals + The Fader

You know those gym shirts that you see in movies sometimes, maybe even remember from highschool? The ones that say the name of the school and "Phys. Ed." and have that line for the owner to write their name with a marker? Well I was thinking about making a t-shirt that says: 'What's the deal with..." and it has a line where you can write whatever it is that you just don't get.
If I were to make one now it would say: "What's the deal with...stuffed animals in your car?" When I see that I know to expect a driving style similar to that of a giddy child high on Orange Crush who also has to pee but can't press hard enough on the gas to drive more than ten kilometers per hour under the speed limit. I can only imagine the inane places these people are headed. Probably some place like Giant Tiger or a craft sale.
The Fader has a feature on Miles Davis this month. It's a good read. But why do I care what (pseudo-) celebrities think about Miles? The best part is the second hand account of Miles answering the door naked, with a boner and a gun, saying "What you want?!? What you want?!?" and this was to a friend of his. Also check out the size of his pupils!

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