Oh Where Have All The Rats In The Cages Gone?

Do you remember the Smashing Pumpkins?
I still have Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness, I do I do. I think I have listened to it maybe thrice. I just never got in to it.
But what I was wondering today, as I was sitting here, I was wondering: What Happened to All Those Kids Who Loved Smashing Pumpkins? I guess they are here. Not that I'll visit, because, like I said earlier, I never really got in to them. But wondering about them reminds me of the innocence lost with the ending of the 1990's.
Also: is "fey" a word that people know? Because I've been using it lately and nobody asks what it means, but there is that flash across their faces, you know, when the face slackens, and you figure they didn't get it, but it's a small word and they don't think it's worthwhile to ask...
Or maybe I am a grammar elitist!

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