Still In Love Song

4 years of dating today! Whatever happened to people who would just date for a long time? Marriage is for suckers - ask Ray Smuckles (note: this does not all apply to me, only the part about other people being tools).
Know which song is a good song? Still In Love Song. I know I'm way late in championing it. So what? And yeah, I didn't like the Stills when I first listened to them on their website. I'm fine with that, why can't you deal with it? I was writing a medieval paper at the time, so give me a break, alright? (also it is important to note that "Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men" by the Strokes feat. Regina Spektor is also a great song to listen to)


newpolluter said...

hey cheers to you guys!

also: killer bassline in that song-very carlos d.

The New-Wave Vandal said...

I know! That bassline makes me weak in the knees - it should be about nine months before I give birth to that bassline's love-child.