"We use a large vibrating egg."

I was thinking about Annie Hall today, replaying the movie in my head (I can do that - didn't you know?)... Remember the classroom scene, where the adult Alvy is revisiting his childhood school to explain how his problems with girls began, you know, where the little girl berates him after his child-self kisses her, saying "For God's sake, Alvy, even Freud speaks of a latency period," and he says "Well I never had a latency period. How can I help it?" And then he wonders what all those kids would be up to in their adult lives, but the kids themselves say what that is? I always like to imagine that the boy who says "I used to be a heroin addict. Now I'm a methadone addict" and the Shelley Duvall Jr. girl who says "I'm in to leather" are married. They have a daughter and she's pretty awkward and spends a lot of time at the library and never does her coat up in the winter.

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