Holy Fuck

So I was at HMV last week and they had a whole display on the shelves below the counter for the movie Who's Harry Crumb? Now you probably don't know this, but I have a complicated history with this movie. You see, in the third grade at Strathmillan Elementary School, I won a weekly trivia contest (yes, I started early) and got to visit the vice principal's office to get a prize. What I chose was this poster:
I couldn't make eye contact with John Candy or change in front of the poster. But I was also too scared to take it down because it seemed like he would have powers, that he would know somehow. And that he would seek some sort of terrible revenge (probably by eating all of my food).

Fuck is that ever scary.


joey scream said...

it would be cool to have those suction cups though

The New-Wave Vandal said...

That was the worst part! Think of how strong suction cups would have to be to support his bulk! If they worked, that meant he could get ANYWHERE!