Keeping you updated

So what's new with me? Well let me tell you:
I had to buy a CD shelving system because my slanted walls have been making my CDs lean dangerously forward and I didn't want them falling on my face. That is a longstanding phobia of mine, things falling on my face. In some cultures if that happens to you, you then are forced to wear ashes on your head and live at the edge of town. But now I can set about alphabetizing my collection and worrying fretting over genres.
I hate waking up in the morning. At least twice a week I will decide to start waking up early and to do push-ups and sit-ups and ride the stationary bike in order to develop some utilitarian muscles. But getting up in the morning is terrible enough as it is, nevermind getting up way earlier than I absolutely have to. I might be able to work that in to a routine IF I pair it with something else. Like maybe I will start having a shot of whisky before I get out of bed like Todd in Barth's The Floating Opera. Maybe then I will be able to manage it.
I'm semi-published in The New Pollution magazine (do you still call it a magazine if it is online? If my U of W code still worked I would consult the OED), with *some* changes to a couple of things I'd written. Interesting comparative literature studies reading the site vs. the original. Definitely looks hot. Language choices made by the editors...I'm too close to the writing to be unbiased on that, and they've got more writing and editing experience...but I've also got a gut feeling (ha ha ha ha).
Another thing - I found a nice Speedo striped sweatshirt at Value Village yesterday. And I'm toying with a second blog about t-shirts, tentatively called "T-shirtz". What do YOU think?


Emily said...

i'm glad stuff wont fall on your face anymore.
Love Emily

sally said...

I agree with the getting up in the morning thing. things seem to go ok once I'm up, but the act of getting up is tough. I'm always like, "ugh, didn't I just wake up yesterday?" it's always so appealing to just burrow in and stay for a while.