The Weapons of Death (1982)

I don't know what you were doing last Saturday night after midnight but I was on a couch in Peterborough with Steph when we stumbled across this cinematic masterpiece. It effectively has everything you could ever want in a film, at least a midnight movie: a kidnapped girl who spends half her screen time tossed over someone's shoulder, at least three kung-fu gangs (one good, one bad, one composed of lady assassins), a horny biker gang with surprisingly good diction, a long-lost father, a quiet bald Chinese man with a sinister moustache and a bag full of weapons that doesn't get opened until the exact right moment, a hard-luck ex-con kidnapper with a heart of gold who also knows his way around a sword despite being dressed as through he stepped straight off a prison yard, lines like "I like living right on the edge. It keeps things from getting boring,"...

If you're alright with spoilers, welcome to the final fight:

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