Lately I get rather depressed when thinking about the imminent demise of my favourite sneakers, a pair of Adidas "Rekord" shoes, seen here from a few apartments and cities ago:


I found those gorgeous things at King's Sports in Winnipeg (they occupy the old theatre where I first saw both Big and *batteries not included) during their formerly-excellent Boxing Day Sale in 2004 while on the hunt for something like the signature "Zissou" shoe from Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004):


(Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, those shoes were never officially released by Adidas, though some took to customization of the original "ROM" style to create, and sell, their own.)

But back then, those Rekords led me down a path of firm Adidas brand allegiance before branching out into New Balance "574" appreciation and eventually letting Nike re-enter my life on account of some of their "Blazer" designs (beware - colourways for both of those types are often potentially offensive to the eye, maybe even the heart). While sneakers and I have been falling out of step in recent years, I always like to have at least a couple different options ready at standby. And while I wait for the nu-rave hangover to blow away from sneaker culture in general with the winds of change while keeping my fingers crossed for another round of Rekord-reissuing, something like this crisp colourway of AdiTennis Hi sneakers might satiate my shoe hunger:


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