Montreal (is where I went again)

I'm slow at this but...
I went to Montreal again, along with Matthew and Paul, to hang out with Becker. Mostly the things we did included eating and drinking and BOUSTAN (see The New Pollution for a visual representation of this magical place - I was far too full of flavour to manage a digital camera). I know nobody likes a happy blog, but this trip was incredibly fun and deeply needed. If we were Jason Schwartzman and John Ritter's son (plus two other guys), we could have called it "bro-ing down". But we're not, so instead, we'll just call it "hanging out in Montreal with the boys", which was something I really fucking needed.
Here are some pictures:
(In Montreal people are so nice that they'll offer to take your picture outside of Schwartz's, the best goddamn smoked meat anywhere)
(This is Becker on top of Mont Royal. Who says it's not a good idea to start climbing in the heavy snow without proper clothing, after stopping at the dép for some beer? And only two made it to the top...)(oh fuck, this is the worst proof ever - this is Montreal at night from the top of Mont Royal)
(the Adam Brown rocking out at Friendship Cove, in french that place is pronounced "le supercool")(and this is what Montreal thinks of me, and cocaine)
Umm, I guess that's all I have for right now.

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newpolluter said...

if not Boustan, then BOOOZE!!!