Overdue updates

Oh hey guys! It's been a while since I've updated! New things in my life include:
- so long Ottawa, I moved to Toronto and am living above ground and with my girlfriend after years of basement loneliness;
- the thesis was finished and defended (accepted with distinction, no changes requested);
- got a new little cat named Alvy Singer (orange tabby with some white spots);
- BBQ-ownership (yes!);
- there was a Winnipeg visit that happened w/Schnarr Lake trip as well (Steph's inaugural trip/trial by fire);
- I felt like I had more but maybe not (1st PhD course begins today, got some student cards, damaged my credit rating with PC Insurance and their auto-renewal, still no couch but a couple of comfortable chairs, I need a haircut again...)
Okay! Hopefully see you soon/more often!

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