Calling out hipster bashing

I guess I haven't written here about how ridiculous and tacky I find most forms of hipster bashing but here's an interesting piece about it from Globe & Mail writer and fashionable man Russell Smith via Street Boners & TV Carnage's site.

In essence I think it comes down to people just not liking people who aren't them or their friends in front of them at concerts or in line for drinks or taking up table space in restaurants, or, more likely a reactionary stance against people whom one feels are looking down upon them mixed with a sense of revulsion at the recognition of someone who is "trying too hard" (these examples make up the more compelling photos on this site mentioned in the article linked above). I mean, "hipsters" or the "hipster" look has been around long enough that it's commodified to a large degree even to the point of seeping into mall culture, and that sets off alarms in the heads of people who have a sense of original "hipster" culture (how accurate their conception is, who knows, but that doesn't matter so much in terms of the way they react) and causes them to be disgusted by someone, say, donning a keffiyeh just because they're fashionable - marking them as a "poser" as they dress in that discursive drag that is "hipster" clothing - a combination of disgust at them for trying and disgust because they didn't get it right, whatever that means.

Essentially I think the worst part of the backlash against "hipsters" is that it's become a lazy label and a derogatory term that gets applied to people who are generally young and generally enjoy drinking and either making or listening to music or both and maybe want to wear something that's a little bit funny or else looks good. And I find it hard to fault that. And yes, maybe 90% of the people doing this type of thing could suck and be annoying, but basically 90% of any group you want to make sucks and is annoying (I learned that general statistic from some documentary on porn that I saw on the cable box years ago when living at home but it's pretty useful I think). So yeah, people trying to do anything that doesn't suit them to be popular or cool or feel better than other people is a bad thing, but don't do that reactionarily to someone who might not be thinking about you that way at all and doesn't really have any impact whatsoever on your life because I don't really see the point and you could probably do about a million things that are more productive or interesting or less tired than songs like this (such bad cinematography, even for an amateur video thing but maybe that's the film student in me).


Emma said...

Hee heee hee--I like your comment: 'basically 90% of any group you want to make sucks and is annoying'....Miss you THomas!
Love Emily :)

The New Wave Vandal said...

Hello Emily!!!