Recent Consumerist Actions

It seems I've bought a lot of things lately, mostly old-type things. I will now show these things to you.

Fig. 1 - Marcel Dzama t-shirt, from Magic Pony, Toronto.

Fig. 2 - Super cheap Nike Waffle Racers, from Urban Outfitters, Toronto.

Fig. 3 - Vintage navy blue (w/brass accents) leather travel bag, from some store in Kensington Market whose name I forget, Toronto.

Fig. 4 - Vintage tan leather book bag, from Penny Arcade (I think), Toronto

Fig. 5 - Book bag interior.

Fig. 6 - Vintage wool cardigan, ivory with blue buttons (top two are smaller than the rest), Value Village, Ottawa.

Fig. 7 - Finally, new glasses: vintage French frames circa 1960s (stamped "Jules" inside the right arm), from EyeMaxx, Ottawa.

I feel sort of dirty now.


Anonymous said...

I feel slightly dirty scrolling down those photos.

The New Wave Vandal said...

I know, right???