Niggy Tardust!

Saul Williams' The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust! has been out for a while but I only just recently got it... It had some press around the time of its release as it was available for free download online, akin to Radiohead's latest album. I guess the main difference here is that I still find Saul Williams' album interesting to listen to (oops, sorry Radiohead fans). Trent Reznor, who'd had Williams open for him on multiple tours already, produced the album and it sounds really great, tighter than his last two. He's still working in that weird postrock/rap fusion sort of area - that's much more prominent than his spoken word stuff on this album - and with Reznor's production it's closer in tone to El-P's last album. Oh, and there is a U2 cover:

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