no mustache love

So after an experimental phase, I've decided to incorporate the mustache back in to the beard structure that everyone is familiar with. In retrospect maybe it was too soon or people were too small-minded to really appreciate the mustache. I think it's kind of sad that in our culture people do not appreciate a mustache as a thing of beauty. It really is the pinnacle of facial hair - almost any man can grow a passable-if-patchy beard, but to be able to foster a thick, healthy mustache? That's an accomplishment that far fewer may lay claim to. A couple of people understand though. Walking down the street, after getting used to the double-takes of passers-by, I'd become accustomed to meeting the eyes of those few men "in the know" about what the mustache truly means. And I even benefited with material (mainly anyway) gain: while at a screening of Caged Women, during the pre-show trivia contest, I answered the question correctly at the exact same time as a gentleman behind me. However, the prize went to "That guy. The guy with the mustache." Me. The Drunken Master (the host of the evening), he knew. He knows. So while the mustache might not be a facial bachelor anymore, I rest comfortably, knowing that it's always there, getting in my soup and making it hard to drink fancy coffees with foam on the top. Before I go I'd like to list just a couple of men who also knew:
Frank Zappa
Mr. Belvedere
Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain)
Kurt Vonnegut
Edgar Allan Poe
Friedrich Nietzsche
Rollie Fingers
Salvador Dali
Nikola Tesla
John Oates

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