if i was reading this i would feel ripped off

Apparently I'm too good for blogging lately.
No insound order yet;
DDDD:L recorded all day yesterday - the key to an instant classic is to overdub handclaps a million fucking times;
Got a new volunteer gig reviewing albums for Stylus mag;
I like tofu with grilled vegetables;
Listening to MF Doom: "Operation: Doomsday" right now;
Bought a camera - Mamiya/Sekor 1000TL;
Conrad gave me a tie yesterday;
You can order cakes shaped like dinks from Gunn's;
Both "Broken Flowers" and "Me and You and Everyone We Know" make me want to make that french gesture, what with the multi-fingertip kissing and the "magnifique!" and everything;
and I feel really bad for my friends who are dealing with cancer in their families and I wish them both the best, families and friends as well.

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